A Home for All

This week The Greens announced a citywide Brisbane City Council initiative: A HOME FOR ALL 🏠🏠🏠.

This initiative tackles support for women and children dealing with domestic violence, housing affordability and homelessness though social housing that would provide 1000 homes / dwellings per year.

The Homes For All program would see Brisbane City Council build or purchase up to 750 homes every year, with an additional 250 dwellings (15% of all new apartments) transferred to Council ownership by developers.

A Home For All will increase the available supply of crisis housing for women and children seeking safe accommodation, while also tackling the city’s growing housing affordability and homelessness crisis.

Watch what Trina Massey & Cr Jonathan Sri have to say about it

A Home for All - Trina Massey & Cr Jonathan Sri

And if you'd like to read about the policy in depth, have a look at our policies A Home For All.