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A healthy democracy is one where our representatives listen to their community. We are doorknocking every weekend to listen to as many people as we can but we may have missed you.

Let us know what concerns you have and what issues are most important to you. Our policies and initiatives are made after listening to our community and since we don't take corporate donations, you can be sure we are not influenced by vested interests.

It's your community, have your say!

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  • Vanessa Van der Werff
    commented 2020-04-09 15:36:39 +1000
    Hi Sally,

    Nice to meet you. Listen all these posts and photos of all the 5G towers coming are up so worrying and to tell you, frankly infuriating. Regardless of what ppl think about 5G I feel it unfair to put it a priority to put these towers up when everyone is in lock down. What also perplexes me is how every night we see an interview with the Prime Minister but no one is asking the question of why these towers are being put up now and making him accountable for them. Can you make contact higher up to at least make it a question on the agenda for these daily interviews with the Prime Minister as I am curious to know how he responds and what he will do about it.

    Thank you in advance

  • Susan Treloar
    commented 2020-02-27 09:21:45 +1000
    Hi, I’m already volunteering. I spoke to my local cafe owner this morning. The cafe is Has Beans in 5 Abbott St, Camp Hill. Dean, a very good community and green guy, would be willing to host a session at the cafe with Sally talking, say one evening. He would also like a Greens t-shirt for himself to wear out and about, but he’s wary about the cafe being identified with the Greens. Cafe number is 0432 414 266. Sorry I don’t do Facebook.

    Cheers, Susan