We scored front page news coverage

  Extra! Extra! Read all about it! "One of the more colourful candidates has emerged from the starting gate in the race for Coorparoo Ward. World Champion penny-farthing racer Sally Dillon has launched her campaign as The Greens candidate at the March council elections."     Continue reading

Massive Campaign Launch Event Rocks Coorparoo!

Our campaign to win Coorparoo Ward for the Greens in March got off to a flying start, with a neighbourhood launch party that rocked The Pocket Community Garden. Hundreds of supporters came along to eat, drink, enjoy the performances and join in the activities on Saturday 2 November. Continue reading

Massive start to Coorparoo campaign

Our campaign to win Coorparoo got off to a flying start earlier this month, with a record turnout of volunteers to our first doorknock. Continue reading

A surge in Greens interest on Southside sees new branch open

  A new Greens Party branch is opening on Brisbane’s inner southside to cater for surge in membership during the recent Federal Election campaign. One of the founders of the new Greenslopes branch, Elena Quirk, said membership had grown so rapidly that the party voted to form a new branch to make meetings more accessible and to help continue to grow the party base.   Continue reading

Local mums team up to form ‘Greens team’ for Lord Mayor and Coorparoo

  The Greens have announced their Mayoral and Coorparoo Ward candidates — Kath Angus and Sally Dillon — two friends and south-side mums who have teamed up to take on the 2020 Brisbane City Council election.  Coorparoo Ward is one of the Greens’ key winnable council seats in 2020, along with The Gabba, Paddington, and Central Wards. Continue reading