Newsletter - November 27

The race to win Coorparoo Ward is really flying! Already we have knocked on more than 1400 doors and had over 400 meaningful conversations with residents of the Coorparoo Ward. 

We can build on Max’s swing at the last election and win Coorparoo, but to do it we need your help. You can be a part of this historic movement for change, just by talking with your neighbours, friends and family.

Join us on Sunday!

Improve your conversation skills and learn exactly what how we win an election!

Winning Coorparoo: How to talk politics without losing friends

Sunday 1st December, 1pm - 4pm

Greenslopes Bowls Club (Club Greenslopes), 131 Ridge Street Greenslopes 4120


Featuring Greens strategy expert Max Chandler-Mather - Greens

We'll be sharing our tried and tested conversation tips so that you can spread the word about what matters to you, and can brave all the social events of the festive season with powerful and engaging conversations that get people excited about putting community first.

Ever wondered how to win elections? We’ll be sharing exactly what we're going to do to win Coorparoo — and all the ways you can be a part of it! There will be ways everyone can help, from delivering flyers, to door knocking, to entering data and even baking the occasional cake for events. Sign up for a yard sign on Sunday or sign up for a session of mentored door knocking with some of our super experienced team!

What residents want: Feedback from doorknocks

Across the hundreds of meaningful conversations, one theme is coming through loud and clear — people want to belong to a thriving community where they are friends with their neighbours, and where their children can play together. Yet they fear their communities are being turned into lifeless car parks and rat runs for city commuters.

Residents are telling us they want to live in calm, vibrant suburbs where everyone can walk or cycle to their friends, school or the shops. They complain that their streets are getting harsher and more dangerous as big developments creep in, without the infrastructure to support a booming population. They want good pedestrian connections and shady footpaths, plus facilities and green space that can be used to bring people together.

It’s clear — residents are sick of being excluded from decisions about their neighbourhood. They want a real say in local developments — too often we only find out about a big change in our streets when the diggers move in, and by then it is already too late. 

Our plan to give residents the power to decide

We want to introduce a binding vote on new neighbourhood plans. 

That would mean Brisbane City Council would have to hold meaningful consultations with residents and that residents would have the power to reject plans that don’t reflect our values. YOU are the expert on where you live: the local travel, work and leisure activities people prefer in your area, what your streets really need to enable a connected community to flourish. 

The Greens would give you the right to decide how your neighbourhood evolves, with a vote on new plans in conjunction with a local, state or federal election.

Better bus services to reduce traffic congestion

It’s time to make our public transport attractive and accessible, and bust the congestion that is killing our community. 

We’re proposing high-frequency, dedicated bus lanes on the busiest routes, such as Ipswich Rd, Stanley St, Old Cleveland Rd, or other routes nominated by the community. 

We’re also proposing a two-year trial on free off-peak travel for all. Streamlining peak-hour bus travel would move more people onto public transport and reduce traffic jams. Plus, free off-peak travel could move some people out of peak-hour bus and ferry use, and make it more affordable (and fun) for us all to move around on weekends.

Markets & Community Events

To make all of this possible, we must talk to as many people as possible around Coorparoo Ward. So we’re trying to get to every market we can in the lead up to Christmas, to hear what locals have to say. 

Volunteer for an hour or so to talk to passers-by, or just stop in and get to know Sally and the team!

Date Time Event
Sat 30 Nov 5:15 - 7:30pm Coorparoo Christmas Carols, Majestic Park, Coorparoo
Sun 1 Dec 10am - 2pm Coorparoo Christmas Markets, Coorparoo Square
Sat 7 Dec 3pm - 9pm Design Collective Markets, Lord Stanley Hotel, East Brisbane
Sun 22 Dec 9am - 2pm Stones Corner Village Markets, Stoners Corner

To join us, or let us know about an event that’s not listed here:  drop us a line at

Even if you want to rustle up a few people for a BBQ or a cuppa to chat about what’s important in your neighbourhood, Sally is eager to come along. Just reach out to organise a time.

Reimagine Brisbane

If you’ve been watching Sally’s social media you’ll have seen the big conversation about what good high-density development should look like. That one post has reached more than 6000 people, and really sums up how people in Coorparoo are feeling. 

Sally will be talking more about her ideas around city planning at the Reimagine Brisbane conference on Saturday. 

This is going to be a great event where we workshop the big ideas around our city. There will be presentations and forums from experts in a range of fields from housing and transport to the arts and climate change adaptation, as well as open discussions and collective visioning exercises. Check out the event on Facebook or the web to stay updated.

Can’t volunteer?

We have a historic chance to win Coorparoo ward, but to do it we have to win at least a thousand more votes. We don’t get any corporate donations, so this campaign is entirely funded by people like us.

$25 will get us a T-shirt for a volunteer

$50 will get us a 1,000 flyers for doorknocking

$100 will buy 40 yard signs

$200 can buy 10,000 how to vote cards

Your gift could be the difference that wins this election. 

Chip in for campaign materials!


Together we can create a brighter Brisbane.

Thank you for being a part of it!

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