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The Queensland Greens do not accept donations from corporations. I confirm this is a personal donation.

Note that in any 6 month period all political donations (inclusive of membership fees) above $1000 must be disclosed to the Electoral Commission of Queensland.

Political donations from property developers are banned in Queensland. Breaches of these bans can be punished by significant fines or imprisonment. The ban includes donations from the spouse of property developers, from related organisations and from individuals with significant interests in corporations involved in property development. By making this donation you confirm that you do not fall within the definition of property developer under the Electoral Act. More Information →

The first $1,500 of donations and/or membership fees to a political party from individuals in a financial year are tax deductible.

Yard Sign Crowdfunder

Can you help us raise $1749 to print enough yard signs to blanket Coorparoo Ward? 

More signs = more votes: it's that simple! A sign in your street sends your neighbours the message, 'This community is voting for The Greens — join us!'.

My campaign is funded by your neighbours, not by big corporate donors, so I need your help to show the strength of our community-driven campaign for change.  In Coorparoo the LNP and the ALP will be spending huge $$$ on billboards and signs; let's show them we don't need their dirty money.

Please chip in now to help us reach our target — every little bit helps ...

If you want a yard sign at your house, sign up here www.sallyforcoorparoo.com/yardsign. If you're renting, the law allows you to choose to put one up at your home.

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